About Us

Infinity Theatrical Productions is the resident theatre company of Zion United Church of Christ in Baltimore, Maryland. We are dedicated to bringing quality community theatre to our neighborhood. We are always looking for actors, actresses, singers, dancers, directors, technical people, artists, costumers, musicians, and anyone who wants to help keep the Arts alive in eastern Baltimore County. We typically do two to three shows a year, from dramas to large-scale musicals. If you are looking for a dynamic community theatre family to call home, call us at 410-491-1472 for more information on our program.

Infinity Theatrical T-Shirts

Infinity Theatrical Productions will soon be selling t-shirts with the new Infinity logo on the front-left chest area as well as on the back. We are still working on prices, but they will be no more than $15 each. Please check back soon for more information or call 410-491-1472 for shirt details as well. These will be sold during our performances.